Coming to an End

14 Dec


Here’s my last blog as SMET class comes to an end. Right from the start I knew that Social Media was important and I understood that I use it a lot. Over the time of the course I discovered that yes I’m using it but so are some many other business. I have had the chance to see how they are using it, what’s affective and what’s not, and keys things that you should know and be aware of in the world of social media.

One thing I learned is that although my social media presence is pretty good I never thought of how easily it could go bad. One bad photo posted by someone else could really have a negative impact on you. I also didn’t realize how many employers are using some thing as simple as a Google search to find people. I have fond that just having a website won’t cut it these days. I suggest that any one looking to get out there should be using it all. You want to be where your target market is and you want to be sure they see you. It’s also important that you keep up with it. Check it daily, post often, and reply.

In my first blog I had said that by the end of this class I want to find more time to mange my social media sites for my band. Well it’s the end and I have found that I have even less time. However I do understand the importance of maintaining this and this class has helped me see this. So although I don’t have the time I do now have some one doing it on my behalf.


In conclusion I have learned that social media is constantly getting bigger and bigger and is an extremely useful tool for business of any size. Not only is it important to have the accounts but they need to be used the right way. I have enjoyed this class, have learned lots, and had a great time.




How do I measure it?

26 Nov

Wow week #11 already. The time has flown by and semester one is coming to a close. It seems like not too long ago when I started my first SMET blog and now I’m posting my last. This week I haven’t been in SMET class due to other school activities and commitments so I needed a little more time to do my blog so I had time to get familiar with the topic and lesson. This weeks topic is about the tools that measure the impact of what we put into the social media world.

Every company has a different level of participation in the world of social media. Some are on every media tool they can get a hold of, some are on select few, and others are on one or two main sites. Some companies put a lot of time into having their social media always being updated and others put more time other places and don’t use social media tools as much. A lot of media outlets are free or of little cost but companies are still paying for the labour, time and the extras to use these sites and they want to know it is worth it and  they are getting something in return. Well there are many tools out there that will measure this so today its my job to find 3 tools that do this and blog my findings.

The first measurement tool that I looked at was TweetGrader. This tool “Grades” your Twitter account by giving you a mark out of 100. The main thing that its measuring is the overall power and influence of your Twitter account and it then compares your account against millions of other Twitter accounts in a ranking system. This tool is incredibly easy to use. You simply go online and type in your Twitter username and then you hit “grade.” TweetGrader then shows you a summary of your Twitter profile, your accounts ranking compared to other users, and then at the bottom it generates tips and suggestions that they feel will improve your grade and ranking.




The pros that I can see are that I just sat here for a good half hour searching everyone I know comparing our grades and seeing what sets us apart. This is great because is open to the public so companies can see how their doing and compare them to their competitors. TweetGrader also allows you to see “Follower History” to see a graph of trends and user history. This tool has the potential to be a great resource for companies and small businesses to edit and improve their Twitter accounts by completing the suggestions and seeing what sets them apart from others. Despite the fact that this tool has the “potential” to be a great resource, it’s just currently not there. I found that it often takes too long to load the information. Its “Follower History” to see a graph of trends and user history is a great idea. However it is either A) not a user friendly app or B) it doesn’t work. Also the comments it leaves suck and do nothing for the account or it simply says “Congratulations! We could not find any areas of concern with this twitter account. Tweet on!”. This comment is great however not when the grade is less than perfect.  


I would assume that when a grade is less than perfect that there would be room for improvement yet this site doesn’t provide tips to reach that perfect status. Overall I wasn’t super impressed with this tool. As said before it has great “potential” and “could” be a great resource for companies and small businesses. However it’s just currently not there. They need to work out the bugs such as long loading time, and broken tools and they need to seriously improve their suggestions and comments considering that is what the tool is designed to do.

The next tool that I looked into was Youtube Analytics, which was formerly known as Youtube Insight. I have used this tool to gather data about my music business to use for my business plan and competitions. This tool lets users see in-depth stats and reports about all the data collected from the videos on your profile. It offers a summary report for all of your videos and allows you to filter the data to see right down to the age groups, gender, and countries watching your material.




ImageYou can even go into more specifics and find the time of day your videos are being watched and for how long at one time. You can see how many likes and dislikes you have on each video and from what age, country, and gender this is coming from.


ImageThis tool is great for those with any kind of videos on YouTube. Small businesses right to large companies can use this to analyse if there material is reaching the people they want it to. If its not then they can look into whether their target market is off or if they are approaching things the wrong way, therefore appealing to the wrong people. This info can be very beneficial. The website has a simple interface that is easy to use. It allows those even with little knowledge in computers or numbers and stats an easy way to collect this data. Some downfalls to this tool is that it doesn’t chart or consider those watching the videos when they are not signed in to youtube, or if they don’t have an account. Also even when people do have accounts and are signed in that doesn’t mean that the data they include is correct such as age gender and location. This would change the overall results making the information not as accurate. Overall I was impressed with this tool and I find it very useful for myself and I understand that it would also be useful for any company/ business using youtube as a social media outlet.

The third and final social media measurement tool I looked into was Sprout Social. Sprout Social is an online interface designed to track your social media outlets. It is offered for purchase and offers multiple packages (tracking 10, 20 AND 30 profiles). Each package also offers a free 30 day trial. Also each profile can be tracked weekly, or monthly. The interface is very user friendly and appealing to the eye. You can have multiple team members on the profile allowing all of them to use the site to collect information. It can currently connect four social media tools: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Analytics When connected, this site provides updated information on your engagement and influence in these social media tools as well as it gives you average posts and followers, whatever the function of the social media site may be. This site also provides the details of your target audience in the audience demographics function giving you information on what gender’s access your social media tools. This site also can be used and accessed through your mobile device for people that are on the go. Sprout Social offers contact management, competitive insight, and great analytics. The biggest downfall that I could find is that it cost money.Image However I feel that in the long run it could definitely be worth the cost. The other issue I had with this is that it doesn’t (yet) connect with other sights such as pinterest and instagram. This site can be hugely beneficial to the user because it can help businesses keep an eye on their social media sites in an easy and efficient way. This will help you control how your brand is perceived as well how effectively you are promoting your brand to the world. I really liked this one because its giving all the same information as the Youtube Analytics but for other media outlets.

In conclusion I have had an awesome time looking at the different social media measurement tools out there and can’t believe the information that can be pulled up. I realize how beneficial it is to use a tool like these to insure you are getting your stuff out to the right people in the right way. Using these many measurement tools it allows you to keep a handle on the social media aspects of your business, which is the most difficult area for businesses to succeed in.


Social Media Plan-Extreme Promotional Materials.

19 Nov

Hey guys! So this weeks blog is a little different than the rest. It’s a little more like an assignment or write up appose to a blog. Over the time spent in SMET class we have learned a lot of stuff but now as the semester comes to an end its time to put all our new found knowledge to use, and create a “social media business plan” for a fictional company. The company is called Extreme Promotional Materials.

Extreme Promotional Materials Social Media Business Plan


At Extreme Promotional Materials we supply personalized uniforms and promotional materials. We serve schools, sports teams, and small/medium size businesses. We have now been in business for 15 years and currently employ approximately 20 people. At this time our company reaches across south eastern Ontario, however is looking to expand.


At Extreme Promotional Materials, we strive to create and provide all our customers with new and inventive promotional designs for their advertising and promotional needs. For all your needs for your small business or your sports league jerseys we are here and ready to help make your exciting ideas flourish. We want you as a customer of Extreme Promotional Materials to have the best jerseys in the league or to have the most engaging advertising on the market. We after all, want to help you create your image the way you want, so it best represents you!

Vision and Goals

Our vision and goals for us, here at Extreme Promotional Materials, is to provide you with a user-friendly way to customize and create your own logos, lettering, ads etc., in the most easy way. We want your customized image to be easy and simple whether it’s coming into our facilities and having an employee help you or doing it your own way on our customer friendly online interface. We as a company want to also thrive on providing you with this service as fast as possible with quick product creation and delivery to your door.

Being in business for 15 years now, we’ve reached the peak of our current demographic and are looking to expand. Our goal is to increase demographic and expand to provide our quality services to the rest of the country to allow all of Canada to have the opportunity to create their own image. Expanding means that we are able to provide more employees to help you in your quest for an exciting image. Our ultimate goal is to be the best advertising and custom branding company in Canada with hopes to expand our services globally in the future.


Key Messages

In accordance to having our customer friendly interface and our speedy delivery we would also like to stress our quality improvement. In order to expand and survive as a company we always have to be improving, so we are committed to constant improvements in our design process like better logo designs, better suggestions for colour schemes as well as providing the same help as you would if you came to our facilities.If you prefer to do your creating online then our website provides you a place to explore the endless possibilities on our user-friendly interface.  On you can be creative in the comfort of your own home. Here you can custom design lettering ,fonts, layouts and logos. You can do all your designing online and send us the product to print, or you can start your design then bring it in for one of our experts to help finish the product with you. Or you can simply yours our site to get ideas to help get the creativity flowing.

On our website we provide an “Idea Page” to help you pick colors that match and complement each other. Also available on our idea page is tips, tricks and videos to help pick the right layout and design to make your product shine.  Weather it be online or in our office we are ready to help you through the copyrighting process to ensure your design is safe and protected. You can fill our online application or simply ask us to copyright it for you.

Target Audience

To date, we target the small to medium businesses in south eastern Ontario, as well as sports teams and leagues and some schools. We a currently targeting these customers because of the size of our current business and in order keep up with demand we haven’t been able to target a much broader audience. Extreme Promotional Materials advertises its services with small signages at local arenas and storefronts as well as business cards in the same locations within the south eastern Ontario region. With an expansion of Extreme Promotional Materials, we are looking to target more schools, musicians for their CD artwork, larger business, more municipality elections, community events and storefront signages, and larger sports leagues, teams and arenas in order to sponsor in these areas. In order to achieve this goal, we want to be able to sponsor more youth sports teams, leagues and larger venues, increase signage and be always improving the construction of our online interface and overall product. In addition we want to sponsor other youth activities such as: choirs, concert bands, girl guides, and boy scouts. By doing this it will help us succeed in our goal of expansion throughout the rest of Canada.

Social Media Tools/ Engagement Strategy

Social media is a great tool in staying in contact with all our customers around the world. We stay on top of all these tools to keep every customer involved in our business news, which is crucial in increasing our audience thus increase profit for the company. The main goal of staying on top of these social media tools is create continuous traffic to our main website When we increase the traffic to our main site, we then expose them to our greatest social media tool.

We provide numerous tools for our customers to familiarise themselves with our services such as: a success page for our customers, advertisements for all businesses that work with us, links to our other social media pages, and individual bios of the designers.

We have a success page for all the great stories that use our services, this helps by connecting our customers so they can relate to their great experience. Providing this access for customers to connect, increases our customer base and creates more desire for our services. It helps new people stumble upon our business if they are looking into the other business. By doing this we are using social media to help us find possible customers that are already interested. This also helps them see that this company was successful and we were apart of that success.

We help businesses that use our services by having a page where we display advertisements to help these businesses out. This promotes these businesses to continue to use our services in the future. Having this great customer friendship, in turn, further promotes our company with other customer bases across the country and world.

We have a page with all of our other social media links allowing us to reach more people by using the sights they use and tailoring to their interests. The sites we use are facebook, twitter, youtube, and pinterest. we use these sites to help reach the people using them and to reach more people outside of our demographic region. We are posting daily with links to our sight to help generate traffic to our page. We are also always posting fun photos, promos, tips, and quotes to keep people interested and wanting to come back.

Our site also has individual bios for each of our designers to allow our customers to create a friendship and to choose the designer best suited for their project. This helps build a relationship with our customers and helps us help them to the best of our ability.

Having these social media tools we are able to connect to our customers in ways other businesses aren’t. We look to create a great sense of community with our customers and allow them feel comfortable when dealing with Extreme Promotional Materials. To build this sense of community, we encourage comments to improve our site and our services because we want to create the best you.


In conclusion, we strive to be better for you to be better. We much appreciate the support of our continuous customer base that keeps us going. In order to create a better you we will work non-stop to provide the greatest quality service and with the fastest delivery in the market today. With your help we can grow this small business to the vision and goals we have set above. Our growth will always be with zero sacrifice to the quality and service we provide you today. Remember, we want to help you create the best you there can be.

“Brand” New you!

12 Nov

In every aspect of the business world you need to hold a professional appearance.Even by being an employee of a corporation such as McDonalds’ you have a responsibility to maintain a positive image for the company. You need to maintain this positive image to represent you in any position you may hold. Many people forget that your public image doesn’t just stop when your 9-5 work week is done but follows you every where you go and every thing you do, especially on the internet. It is in your best interest to increase your internet foot print for a number of reasons, which we will get in to later, but the most important thing to remember is that you need to insure that what you leave behind on the internet is professional.


Why should I increase my internet foot print is a question asked by many and the answer is simple, to be seen! If you’re a candidate for a job and you can’t be found on the internet but your opponents professional Linkedin profile can be then that person will leave a better impression. Now let’s think of it this way. Same situation and your possible employer does a Google search of your name and find’s those drunk pictures from new years and that bong photo from last week end.

Due to the fact that I am in the music business I have spent a lot of time insuring that I can be found on the internet but not only that, that what is found is positive and  professional. Three things that I have done to unsure this is; I have created a name. Every thing that I have in the internet is Chantel Johnston, Chantel Johnston’s Music, Chantel’s Music, CJ or CJ’s Music just depends on what’s available. This makes sure that I have clamed my name and that when searching my name I can be found and not someone else by my name.

The second thing I am always doing to make my webfoot print professional is I don’t post inappropriate photos on the internet. It is not professional and has no place on the internet.

The last of the three things that I do is I just don’t let inappropriate photos be taken. Just because you don’t post inappropriate photos doesn’t mean that others won’t so the easiest and best way to keep unprofessional photos from affecting your public image.

Remember that there truly is no eraser for what you post on the internet. You don’t want something from your past affecting your life moving forward. And you don’t want an internet mishap being the reason you loose your dream job. 




Staying on top of trends

5 Nov

Hello Good People Welcome back to another blog by CJ. This week I am to pick one article from each of the following sites and write about it.


Social Media Explorer 

and TechCrunch.


Article 1- Mashable


My First article is from Mashable  titled “College Admissions Advice to Students: Think Now, Tweet Later” written by Andrea Smith. The information in this article greatly affects a lot of teenagers and is a great read for all; it’s a real eye opener. To sum it all up this article is about how every thing we do, say and post online leaves a large  footprint and is available to whoever wants to see. It talks about how its not just our high school buddies looking at our online profiles and we need to be cautious about not only what we post, but with what others post about us as well. According to this article it’s Colleges and Universities looking at what is following our online trail and depending on what they find it can make or break our chances of making the final cut not no mater what our applications say. We can spend all the time in the world making our self’s look desirable on paper but we also need to stop and think about how much of our “personal” lives are online. We need to understand that it’s not just facebook, Its twitter and youtube and even just a simple google search. It doesn’t just stop with Colleges and Universities its futures employers. How you look to the public and handle your appearance and life maters to a company because you could be the next face of their hard work. A lot of companies and employers use online media and search engines to scan job candidates and many of them will reject applicants based on the candidates social media profiles. What we post, and what others post could be holding you back from your dream college or perfect job  so just as Jeff Olson, Vice President of Data Sciences for Kaplan said, Think first, tweet later.






Article 2-Social Media Explorer 


My Second article is from Social Media Explorer titled “Becoming a social business isn’t just for social media” by  ILANA RABINOWITZ


This article is about how businesses need to use a social approach their business. They need to treat there employees with greater care and respect. According to Ilana “It is about developing a culture where the employees are the customers and management behave more like community managers than bosses”. This article explains that by building a better relationship with the employees it will lead to a better service and work ethics in these employees resulting in advancing the business.




Article 3- TechCrunch.


My Third article is from Tech Crunch titled “Come iOS 6.1, Siri Will Be Able To Help You Purchase Movie Tickets” by Chris Velazco. This article I found to be pretty cool because I think that Apples “Siri” is one if the coolest things. I have spent a lot of time talking to “Siri” and most of the time for no reason other then the fact that she’s cool, but she’s also so useful and according to this article she’s about to get even cooler.

Siri is a voice active program on Apples I phone that can do just about any thing if asked. After reading this article I am finding out that there is word that “Siri” will be able to not only tell you movie time and locations but order you tickets as well. In the big scheme of things the fact the “Siri” can buy my movie tickets really won’t change the world or make any big break troughs. However there are benefits to this.  This feature will be a great add to the ios 6.1 there for potently increase sales. All so now mater what the discovery or invention is it means that mankind is one step closer to greater possibilities and a higher understanding of technology, this in the end helps jobs and many parts of our econmamy. On top of the fact that this new add is cool if the information in the article holds true then the  Fandango app will benefit greatly bringing in new costumers and revenue. 





22 Oct

This week I have to pick two Social Media tools and describe how they would be beneficial to my business and how I would use them. I have decided to pick two that take advantage of mobile technology. I have chosen QR Codes and Instagram. Both of these tools can be used from “Smart Phones”. Most Smart Phone media tools started with Apples Iphone and have now opened up to Android users.

First off we will look at QR Codes. QR Codes Look like this…

They are codes that can be scanned from a “Smart Phone” and will take you to a web sight or promo.  This is a great way to add more info to an advertisement. I have been in Toronto all day to see the live “Over The Rainbow” show (it was amazing by the way) and you would not believe how many QR codes are hidden around the big city. I don’t go to Toronto very often so this amazed me. Using these would be a great add to my business and it could be used for so many things.

In Toronto they use them for every thing. I sow some that had nothing but the code to build a mysteries hype so people would scan to see. I sow them on for sale signs to find more info and photos and on ticket booths to buy tickets and one at DQ for coupons. I would use them to promote every part of my business. I would put it on my CD art work, posters, tickets, and business cards. When it gets scanned it will take people to my website this will help bring people to my page where they can find out all about me, my music, my bands, upcoming shows, and past events. This will help me promote my stuff to more people and get more info out there. This will also help me promote my other pages like Twitter, Facebook, Blog and all the rest. This will help me get more hits and likes. This will help because it will build a bigger fan bases.

Instagram is another tool that I would make great use of. Honestly it took me a long time to get use to it and I really didn’t like it. However once I took the time and sat down with it, it didn’t take long before I feel in love. Now I can totally see how this would be a useful tool and how it will help promote my business. I can post photos of band practises and getting ready for shows. I can post photos from stage and just random every day things to keep people involved and from loosing touch with me. This will help me promote to people using this tool. This shows that I am saying involved and up to date with the tools they love. After my long awesome day in Toronto you can be sure that my Intagram is filling up.

At the end of the day you build a better connection with the consumers no mater what business you have if you change with and adapt to the times. If QR codes and Intagram are where people are at then so am I so that I can get out to even more people and build a stronger connection with my audience.

Pets are taking over the net….Video Style !

15 Oct

This week I am too write a detailed blog post describing how I would use online video to promote a fictional business named  Pet Pawsitive. Pet Pawsitive has two locations, one in Belleville and another in Kingston. Not only are they a pet supply store, but they are also focused on providing training for pets such as behavioural and giving owners basic animal education classes. They sell all-natural pet foods and a variety of training supplies. Although Pet Pawsitive does not sell animals they do work closely with local and even national shelters and humane societies to help connect those looking to get a pet. The company is a large add is their communities by being very active when, participating in, and holding events and fundraisers. Typically each location has 6 to 10 employees, including management, retail clerks and certified trainers.


To help promote Pet Pawsitive with online videos I would start by putting up a short meet and great video of each employee and trainer.These videos would include an introduction to who this person is and how they can help, explaining what they do and why. These videos would be fun and friendly to build a warm connection with the employees and customers  I would have videos up of the beginning and end results that come from the training done with the animals. I would include owner’s comments and how this experience has helped them. This is key to helping promote the training serves.

I would insure that every event has a lot of hype built up by posting videos of the staff getting ready for it in advance. I would want videos up with lots of information regarding the event including what it’s about, contact info, why its important and why Pet Pawsitive is involved. This will help people want to get involved as well as see that Pet Pawsitive cares and is a great part of the community.

There would be videos posted about the products sold in the store. With prices, way to use them, and why its useful. Also I would have videos up with all the info on the  all-natural pet foods offered for sale  in store. I would tell what makes it different and why its better. I would include stratified customers and product facts and stats to best represent the product for new buyers.

I would make sure that the overall feel of the videos are fun a friendly. We would want the customers to feel like this is a great place that will provide and great fun yet useful service. We would want to show that the show has great value to the customers as well as leaving them feeling safe about leaving there pets in care of Pet Pawsitive’s staff.